Monday, December 18, 2006

Suns Sizzle With 14 Wins

It seems like the Phoenix Sun cannot lose. They have tied a franchise record with 14 straight wins, and will probably break the record on Tuesday when they host the Toronto Raptors. The Suns came out to a slow start this season with a 3-6 record, but the 14 wins have shot them straight to the top of the Pacific standings ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers. In such a tough division and conference the Suns really can't afford to miss a beat with all of the competition stacked so closely to the top.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Streaking to 10 Wins

The Phoenix Suns take their 10 game winning streak into Orlando tonight to face the hot Orlando Magic. The Suns have not disappointed this season, failing to reach 100 points in only 3 of their 19 games. And the major point outburst of the season was in a win against the New Jersey Nets, 161-157, that went into double overtime. The entire Western Conference is going to be amazing to watch this year, some very very good teams are not going to make it into the playoffs.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Suns continue Dominance

A continuation of nearly two decades,  the Suns beat the Milwaukee Bucks in Phoenix.  For the 19th time....... in a row!

That is all

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Suns Record We Didn't Need

Hate to criticize a win, since this season they are scarce as hens' teeth, but we came awfully close to losing to the Memphis Grizzlies, which would have made the Phoenix Suns the only one-win team in the NBA. We flirted with that disaster by almost blowing a lead of 89 to 58, which we held at the end of three quarters. How? By scoring a measly 7 points in the fourth--the worst single quarter in Phoenix history--while letting them get 29.

We know the defense has been, well, lacking so far this season. We've been allowing our opponents more points (108+ on average) than anybody, even the New York Knicks! But while we're figuring out what defense is all about, we don't dare slack off on scoring!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not bad for the injured guy

Okay, so maybe I have some words to eat. Considering Stoudemire brought in 15 points in only 24 minutes on Wednesday to bring the Phoenix Suns to a nice voctory over the Los Angeles Clippers, maybe he's worth nursing a bit.

Need an aspirin? A cold compress? Let me fluff your pillows a bit.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

What hurts now?

Looks like Amaré Stoudemire won't be doing much for the Phoenix Suns anytime soon with those knees of his the way they are. Man, I wish I could get paid what these people do for sitting around nursing various parts of my anatomy!

"Hey boss, my back hurts, so why don't you turn in those reports instead, okay? Cool." Yeah, that's the ticket...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Decent guy, for real?

So there's something about the Phoenix Suns' James Jones that I just like. He's big and versatile, he's got skills, his ego isn't big enough to fill the University of Phoenix Stadium, and his salary isn't enough to feed an entire country for a year.

Amazing - those kind of players actually exist!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Phoenix Suns donate to Toronto Raptors

So much is up in the air now that Bryan Colangelo's moved on to the Toronto Raptors. And frankly, I'm a little tired of hearing how happy everyone is about how he's going to turn that team around.

I kinda liked him on ours...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Keep the streak going...

Well, it looks like the magic didn't stop in Italy and Germany... Shawn Marion and Raja Bell brought in 16 points each, bringing the Phoenix Suns to victory over the Los Angeles Lakers 99-91! That's the ticket to success, if we can keep it up.

I know it's only pre-season, but my adrenaline's pumping already. The real thing just can't come soon enough...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Was there any doubt?

Oh yeah...

Phoenix Suns victorious 119-102 over Maccabi Tel Aviv at the NBA Live tournament in Cologne, Germany. Not bad for an "undersized" team, eh?

Of course, the real test starts in just over two weeks...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I was just checking out the countless online pages I use to get my fix of news for the day. I just ready that today is the birthday of Kurt Thomas and James Jones, both of whom play for the Phoenix Suns.

The burning question I ask is what do you buy for somebody that makes millions of dollars a year??

My birthday was last month and I got a chia dog and a rotato. I knew I should have participated in middle school gym class.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Ciao Treviso

The Suns held their first full workout on Sunday in Treviso, Italy, where they are holding a two-week training camp. The team will is practicing at Head Coach Mike D’Antoni’s old stomping ground, where he once played in the Italian League. Tomorrow the Suns will scrimmage against Italian hosts Benetton Treviso – Benetton just won the “Super Cup” in Naples on Saturday, and should provide a good measure of the Suns’ fitness level.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A bargain for Arizona fans

I’ve been gone for awhile, but during the summer there’s more MLB action than NBA anyway. And one cool thing about baseball – sometimes your ticket buys you extra innings. The other night at Coors Field, Arizona Diamondbacks’ fans got two games’ worth of play for the price of one. And they finally nailed the win over the Colorado Rockies, 2-1

5-plus hours on the field is rare, but turns out there were two games that went 18 innings Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Over at Minute Maid Park, the Chicago Cubs held on to beat the Houston Astros 8-6.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Momentary lapse of reason costs Suns the season.

Well I am a coward. I fretted and worried so much during the Suns series versus Mavericks that I didn’t even write in my blog the entire time. I was sure if I said anything I was going to jinx things for Nash and the boys. So I watched all the games in my favorite chair and wore my jersey with pride.

My dad called me the afternoon of game six to tell me he won some tickets at work and that he wanted me to go with him. I jumped at the chance and went to get ready for the game. I went to put my jersey on and there was a problem, it stunk to high hell. There was hot wing sauce on the sleeve and the BO smell was way to strong to cover up with that Axe crap my ex-girl bought me. I didn’t have time to go downstairs and wash it so I wore my Western Conference Finals shirt from last year.

The rest is history. I knew when I was leaving my apartment that olfactory offenses were not worth jinxing my team but I heard my dad’s voice in my head saying “You smell like the Sasquatch and you know women don’t respect men who won’t take personal hygiene seriously. If you would spend more time on your grooming you might be able to fool some nice girl into thinking you would make a nice husband.” When you have heard that lecture a thousand times since your twelfth birthday you try to avoid it whenever humanly possible. So we lost.

I am going to need years of therapy to undo the damage this has done. I get Suns Playoffs tickets for the first time in my life and I throw ritual and superstition out the window to please my dad. Just kidding. I’m fine. There is always next year and we still have Steve Nash. Thank you Suns for a special season! Go Suns!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Suns Smash Clippers and Meet Mavs Conf Finals

I was really scared for the Suns last night. I though we got lucky last series in game seven and I know we did in this game seven. The Suns proved to be the better team, which I also already knew. We are going to face the Mavericks now and I don’t like what I am hearing around the water cooler at work. A lot of folks seem to think we can’t beat them after two game sevens. I don’t think we are going to be any more tired than the Dallas Mavericks after their series against the San Antonio Spurs. No, we are going to smoke the Mavs with our weapon of mass assists, Nash.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Man I Can’t Stand the Suspense

Frankly I have been afraid to write anything throughout the playoffs because I don’t want to jinx my team. The Suns are playing the Clippers right now and they are ahead but the Clippers aren’t making it easy. There have been some hard games in this series and I don’t know what else to say but we’ve got Steve Nash, the MVP of the league, on our side and we have become more aggressive on defense in the second round. The Phoenix Suns are going to the Western Conference Finals and if we meet the San Antonio Spurs there, then so be it. I just hope it’s not the Dallas Mavericks. Either way it is going to be an intense battle.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pouring Nash Flakes in your cereal bowl.

The Phoenix Suns are headed to the playoffs and I know just the man to lead them there. His name is Steve Nash and this is his year. Whether they bring down the big prize or not I enjoyed this season and think Steve Nash deserves MVP of the league once more. I know there are rumors it may be Kobe Bryant but I like the Nash idea a lot better.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Could we go all the way?

The Phoenix Suns made short work of the Denver Nuggets and are going up against the New Jersey Nets tonight. It has been an exciting season and now that UCLA has made it to the Final Four my March is really complete. The Suns are 47-21 for the season and I think this is going to be our year to win the big prize. Go Suns!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Don’t Underestimate the Rockets

The Suns are played the Houston Rockets last night. They were a serious threat but we really had no trouble dominating them and Shawn Marion did most of the dominating by scoring 23 of his 30 points in the latter half of the game and coming away with 18 total rebound.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm Buying Suns Tickets Now!

I have to get tickets to a Phoenix Suns game soon. Watching them squash the Kings on TV made me itch to see them in person. The biggest attraction right now is the balanced precision between Steve Nash and Shawn Marion. I want to witness their brilliance from behind the net.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Singing Suns Praises for All to Hear

The Phoenix Suns have been a joy to watch this season. Our players are graceful, agile and ridiculously talented. Steve Nash is the central figure and inspiration for this rant but I have to recognize Leandro Barbosa, Boris Diaw, and Shawn Marion. I watch them and marvel at the way Nash can dish the ball out to any one on the court and make a play. It is rare to see so much chemistry and unselfish team work in the NBA these days.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Suns Lose but Look at the Score!

I don’t know what is happening in the NBA, but we are seeing a lot of really high scoring games from some teams this season. The Phoenix Suns lost in double overtime to the Seattle Sonics and the score was 152-149. I am impressed by the stamina shown by these players as they battled it out in extra minutes and lost none of their scoring steam as time wore on.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Suns and Denver - Stellar Scoring

The Phoenix Suns game against the Denver Nuggets was intense. The score was 137-139 and as you can imagine it was the highest scoring game we have seen this season. I personally have never seen a game like it. We were equally matched and both teams were scoring with fervor and concentration throughout the game and in triple overtime. Earlier in the season we scored 130 against Portland but they only scored 85. It was an easy game and we had no choice but to run up the score on their floundering defense. I never dreamed we would top that and then lose in the final minutes. My hat is off to Denver for keeping up and to the Suns for never backing down.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Nash and Suns Beat the Sixers

Steve Nash wasn’t the only remarkable player in game Wednesday against the Philadelphia 76ers. James Jones had 19 points and Iverson was held to under 20 points. The Suns came off with a spectacular performance and a scoring surge in the third quarter. The final score of the game was Suns 105 and Sixers 85. Routing Iverson and stopping him from scoring is the most important of the Suns accomplishments in the game because he is their only real weapon. Iverson scores fewer points by far when he comes up against Nash and the Suns because they know the formula that works.