Saturday, June 10, 2006

Momentary lapse of reason costs Suns the season.

Well I am a coward. I fretted and worried so much during the Suns series versus Mavericks that I didn’t even write in my blog the entire time. I was sure if I said anything I was going to jinx things for Nash and the boys. So I watched all the games in my favorite chair and wore my jersey with pride.

My dad called me the afternoon of game six to tell me he won some tickets at work and that he wanted me to go with him. I jumped at the chance and went to get ready for the game. I went to put my jersey on and there was a problem, it stunk to high hell. There was hot wing sauce on the sleeve and the BO smell was way to strong to cover up with that Axe crap my ex-girl bought me. I didn’t have time to go downstairs and wash it so I wore my Western Conference Finals shirt from last year.

The rest is history. I knew when I was leaving my apartment that olfactory offenses were not worth jinxing my team but I heard my dad’s voice in my head saying “You smell like the Sasquatch and you know women don’t respect men who won’t take personal hygiene seriously. If you would spend more time on your grooming you might be able to fool some nice girl into thinking you would make a nice husband.” When you have heard that lecture a thousand times since your twelfth birthday you try to avoid it whenever humanly possible. So we lost.

I am going to need years of therapy to undo the damage this has done. I get Suns Playoffs tickets for the first time in my life and I throw ritual and superstition out the window to please my dad. Just kidding. I’m fine. There is always next year and we still have Steve Nash. Thank you Suns for a special season! Go Suns!